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Reviews of headphones, in ear monitors, and earphones that we carry in our product mix at PeachBudz. We provide tthird party reviews in order to assist you in making your purchase. Periodically, we will also express our own opinions of the products we carry. When we do specific “PeachBudz” reviews, we will identify them as such.

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Reviews Are In…

Several prominent review sites have now weighed in on the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, and they are overwhelmingly positive…

custom one pro beyerdynamic

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

From Digital Trends:

“Detail, balance, and wide stereo imaging alone put these headphones in very high company, but when you consider the ability to finely tune bass and customize their look with a wardrobe of skins, it gets hard to image why you’d put your money elsewhere.

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From Headfonia

“…this headphone is so addictive and sounds so fun that it is the only one I have used for the last 2 weeks”

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Of Course, you can buy the Custom One Prod at PeachBudz Headphone store in Valley West Mall or online at PeachBudz Online….


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AKG Q701 Review…..

As I posted in a comment on the Q701 below, Tyll Herstens off Inner Fidelity recently did a video review of this great audiophile headphone and posted it on You Tube.  The video is following….

As you can see, Tyll, the foremost headphone reviewer on the net, really likes the nuetrality and transparency of this great home/office headphone.  We think is sounds terrific when paired with an amp from Headroom Electronics, making it a perfect choice for your office.

Of course, you can listen and compare the Q701 to other headphones at PeachBudz right now at our Valley West Mall store in West Des Moines, IA.  Come check them out today!!

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