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Announcing PeachBudz Online – Our Etail Store

In the continued development of PeachBudz, we have now in the process of a soft opening of our etail store.

We are loading new products into it daily.

Shop PeachBudz

PeachBudz Online at


Due to various vendor agreements, we will not be offering our entire mix of products in our etail store.  On the ohter hand, we will offer products not offered in our retail store.

Check out PeachBudz online at

And, feel free to let us know what you think.


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Updates Galore at PeachBudz

We have been busy making many improvements here at PeachBudz.  Following is a recap of some of those changes…

Product Offerings:  Over the past week we have significantly expanded our product offerings.  We have added audiophile headphones from Beyerdynamic, affordable DJ and portable headphones from renowned manufacturer Koss, and the famous Adidas sport headphones offered by Sennheiser.  We have also added the definitive headphone Amp product line from HeadRoom electronics.  We will continue to expand our offerings throughout the spring in our current store at Valley West Mall in West Des Moines, where you can listen before you buy.

Store Changes:  We have upgraded our Audiophile listening stations in the store with HeadRoom amps to properly drive the higher imepdance headphones.  Come in today and take another listen to our premium Beyerdynamic and AKG audiophile headphones.

Website:  You may have noticed that we are in the process of updating the website.  Look for more changes to come as we continue to add products we offer to the site and make continous adjustments.

We will have some photos of the new store layout to put on the slide show on the front of the site soon.  In the meantime, please feel free to express your feedback here on the site.

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