AKG Headphones, Earphones and Accessories are available at PeachBudz in our original location at Valley West Mall in West Des Moines, IA. Come check out the complete line of AKG headphones where you can listen to them before you buy them.

  • AKG K551

    AKG K551

    The K551 from AKG is a fantastic looking, supremely comfortable, closed back headphone with an open back sound.
  • AKG K490 NC

    AKG K 490 NC: Lightweight Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

    With the AKG® K490 NC headphones, you can take full advantage of our active noise-cancelling technology at an affordable price. The headphones’ light weight means a comfortable fit, no matter how long you wear them. Even portability and storage are made easy with the K490 NC’s unique 3D-Axis2 folding mechanism. Available at PeachBudz today
  • Image - K350 Chrome (3D View on black 01)-f392faef

    AKG K350

    The AKG K350 is an incredibly light and natural sounding earphone. At only 3 grams they are very comfortable and come in 3 color options so they look as good as they sound.
  • AKG K840KL

    AKG K840KL

    If you want a wireless headphone that dosen't sacrifice audio quality the AKG K840KL is what you are looking for. It uses a RF signal to transmit 16bit CD quality sound from your audio source wirelessly to the headphones.convenience
  • AKG K550 Closed Back Headphone

    AKG K550

    The AKG K550 is an easy to drive closed back headphone that has a balanced even sound, great for people that like a variety of different types of music. They look as good as they sound and can be powered by most portable devices, working great for home or on the go use. Come check them out at PeachBudz today.
  • AKG K142HD Audiophile Headphone

    AKG K142HD Monitor Headphone

    Rugged and comfortable, the AKG 142HD is one of the least expensive "audiophile" class headphones that are also perfect for studio monitoring.
  • Qunicy Jones AKG Q701

    AKG Quincy Jones Q701

    The Quincy Jones Q701, available today at PeachBudz, is a fashionable expression of one of the industry's finest over ear, professional headphones.
  • AKG K 272 HD

    AKG K 272 HD

    AKG is known for use in studios and their K 272 HD is a high-performance, professional headphone that delivers unmatched sound reproduction.
  • AKG K518 LE in Red

    AKG K518 LE

    The AKG K518 LE is a DJ headphone with extreme portability and amazing sound. Not only does this headphone have pumping bass, but it has clear mids and highs. From the famous headphone maker of quality monitoring equipment, the AKG 518 LE is an affordable hi-fidelity portable headphone.
  • Quincy Jones Q460 Headphone

    AKG Quincy Jones Q460 Portable Headphone

    The AKG Q460 Portable Headphone combines fashion forward design, portability and cutting edge sound.