Grado Labs makes the finest open back headphones on the market. They are exceptional across a broad range of music types. Because of their open back design, they are a favorite of rock aficionados for their exceptional bass response.

  • Grado PS 500

    Grado PS 500

    We at PeachBudz often refer to the sweet spot of a particular manufacturers' product line. The PS500 is one such product from Grado. It is the high value part of Grado Labs professional series of headphones.
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    Grado SR325i Headphones

    The sensational, ultra clear, SR325i from Grado is one of the most transparent headphones on the market for less than $500.
  • Grado SR125i

    Grado SR125i Audiophile Headphone

    The Grado SR125i’s are an open-back headphone that deliver incredible sound quality and warm, rich bass. This great headphone is a rock, blues and R&B lovers delight and has received numerous accolades from reviewers around the world. Check out the fabulous SR125i at PeachBudz now, the headphones shop where you can listen before buying.
  • Grado iGi

    Grado iGi In Ear Monitor

    The Grado iGi is a comfortable and light-weight in-ear headphone with a clear sound and warm bass. True to the Grado sound, this headphone will please music lovers. The Grado iGi, the affordable audiophile in ear monitor, availabe at PeachBudz - The Headphone Shop.
  • Grado SR80i

    Grado SR80i

    The Grado SR80i is an audiophile headphone that delivers Grado’s classic open-air sound. The open-back design allows the SR80i to have natural bass and a world renowned midrange.
  • Grado GR8

    Grado GR8

    The Grado GR8 is a revolutionary in-ear monitor with unsurpassed sound quality and comfort. With an ultra-dynamic range with that famous Grado sound in a compact in-ear design they are sure to please. Available for exclusive audition at PeachBudz Valley West Mall Store in West Des Moines, Iowa.
  • Grado SR225i Headphone

    Grado SR 225i

    The Grado SR 225i, the sweet spot of the Grado Labs product line, is an exceptional rock and all purpose headphone
  • grado sr60i

    Grado SR60i

    An American made icon, the Grado SR60i, available at PeachBudz, is a timeless and affordable classic "Audiophile" headphone.