H2O Audio

H2O Audio is the original producer of waterproof headphones for running swimming and fitness activities. PeachBudz carries the full selection of H2O Audio products including headphones, earphones, and arm bands.

  • H2O Trax Sport Headphones

    Trax Custom Fit Sport Earphone

    PeachBudz, the headphone shop in West Des Moines, Iowa is now featuring the custom fit Trax waterproof in ear sport headphones from H2O Audio.
  • Flex Waterproof Headphones From H2o

    Flex – Affordable Waterproof Headphones from H2O Audio

    The colorful and value packed Flex family of headphones offer waterproof performance without sacrificing exceptional sound value. Check them out in our retail store today!!
  • H2O Surge

    H2O Audio Surge..

    H2O Audio is renowned for being the original producer of waterproof headphones for swimmers and runners. Featuring a 100% waterproof, behind the neck in ear design, the H2O Audio Surge is considered one of the benchmarks of fitness friendly headphones.