Shure is a name renowned for their professional over ear, DJ, and studio monitoring headphones. Audition them today at PeachBudz

  • Shure SE315 in Clear

    Shure SE315 in Clear

    Shure's SE315 in Clear has supreme sound reproduction an an ergonomic fit that is perfect for professional musicians and anyone seeking perfection in sound reproduction. Available at PeachBudz and in stock today!!
  • Shure SE315

    Shure SE315 in Black

    Shure's SE315 delivers a full range of sound in an ergonomic design that allows for superb comfort and noise isolation. Perfect for musicians, audio engineers, and for those seeking perfection in their music listening experience.
  • Shure SE215 in Clear

    Shure SE215 in Clear

    The Shure SE215 in Clear has enhanced bass and a clear, detailed sound. Along with the ergonomic fit that will mold to your ear and block out ambient noise, you're sure to love this monitor. Perfect for musicians, audio engineers and others demanding accurate reproduction of music.
  • Shure SE215

    Shure SE215

    Shure's SE215 has supreme, clear sound with enhanced bass. Designed to fit perfectly in your ear and block out ambient noise. These great in ear monitors are a perfect universal fit solution for musicians, audio engineers and those doing mixing as well as anyone listening to a wide variety of music and wishes a clean and transparent sound signature.
  • Shure SRH 550 DJ Headphone

    Shure SRH 550 DJ Professional Headphone

    The ultra light weight, ultra affordable, ultra durable, ultra portable Shure SRH 550 DJ is an exceptional value ina professional headphone.
  • Shure SRH840

    Shure SRH840

    The Shure SRH840 is a standard setter amongst professionals for production and monitoring work. Geared toward musicians, audio engineers, and sound technicians, it is a extremely transparent headphone with a flat frequency response which is also durable for the demanding environments in which it is used.