Westone is an audio company that specializes in in ear monitors for musicians and audiophiles. PeachBudz carries a wide array of Westone monitors and audiophile products. Stop by our store and check out Westone in ear monitors, where you can listen before you buy.

  • Westone 3 IEM

    Westone 3 In Ear Monitor

    Designed for the serious audiophile, the Westone 3 uses separate bass, mid-range and high frequency drivers in conjunction with an advanced 3-way crossover for a truly engaging listening experience. True-Fit design technology keeps things comfortable and off ers superior noise isolation. The Westone 3 will bring you closer to your music than ever before.
  • Westone 2

    Westone 2 In-Ear Monitor

    The Westone 2 In-Ear Monitor is a dual-driver earphone with excellent dynamics and detail. The ultimate in comfort for long wear while blocking out background noise, it is sure to please musicians and audiophiles alike!
  • Westone 1

    Westone 1 In Ear Monitor

    The Westone One is a universal fit in-ear headphone that delivers high fidelity sound reproduction and a flat frequency response with supreme comfort and noise isolation.
  • Westone UM1 Corsa

    Westone UM1 Corsa

    PeachBudz features a broad array of universal fit in ear monitors from Westone, including the UM 1, featured in the Team Corsica colors