Headphones that you insert into your ears. Generally, in ear monitors are high fidelity replacements for the stock buds that come with your devices.

Sennheiser CX 890i In Ear Headphone

The Sennheiser CX 890i has a revolutionary modern, minimalistic look that provides an optimum fit and comfort during listening. This in-ear monitor has high-fidelity, detailed, and lifelike sound thanks to its high-performance dynamic speaker systems.

Along with outstanding passive noise attenuation for undisturbed listening and an in-line mic and remote- the Sennheiser CX 890i offers more than just style.


Sennheiser CX 890i In Ear Headphone

Sennheiser CX 890i In Ear Headphone






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MEElectronics A151

The A151 isn’t all about stylish looks, it also brings detail and accuracy balanced armatures are known for! Speaking of sound, the detailed and accurate presentation still has deep bass you know you want to hear! Classy comes to mind when looking at the black housing with chrome accents while using an equally exquisite soft and flexible twisted cable. Designed to be worn over the ear with an angled fit, the A151 gives you hours of comfort making it easy to forget these are in your ears, well, except for the great sound you are hearing!


MEE A151

MEE A151


The Armature Series in-ear headphones produce clean, accurate sound that make it easy to hear the fine nuances in your music.




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Sennheiser CX 275s

The Sennheiser CX 275s is an extremely lightweight and comfortable in ear monitor with an in-line mic that is compatible with almost all smartphones.

The high-powered dynamic speaker systems deliver bass-driven stereo sound and offers excellent noise attenuation to block out ambient noise. Great sound and even better convenience.

The mic capablity works with almost all smartphones.


Sennheiser CX 275s

Sennheiser CX 275s



Check out the outstanding Senhheiser CX275S at PeachBudz headphone store at Valley West Mall in West Des Moines today..


Or, click the button below to buy online at PeachBudz Online, the online earphone and headphone shop.


Buy the Sennheiser CX275s

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Kipsch Image X7i

The Klipsch X7i is a wonderful sounding earphone with balanced sound.  The ceramic design is sleek and strong for lasting use.  The X7i comes with several tips that feature a teardrop shape for great fit and comfort.  The X7i also has a three button mic for controlling music and calls on apple devices.  The amazing sound, fit, and look of these earphones makes them one worth checking out.  Stop in to PeachBudz and see for yourself why these are so well liked.


Klipsch Image X7i

The Klipsch Image X7i is a great sounding, looking, and fitting earphone well worth a listen.


  • Ceramic design offers elegance and durability
  • 3-button remote for full music + voice control on select Apple products
  • Patented oval ear tips provide comfortable wear and enhanced bass
  • Full-range balanced armature drivers deliver deep bass, clear mids and crisp highs
  • Perfect seal keeps your music in + blocks outside noise
  • New flat, tangle resistant cables
  • Directional mic for hands-free, crystal clear phone calls


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SoundMagic E10

The Soundmagic E10 is an inexpensive great sounding in ear monitor with a very neutral sound.  With a wide frequency range these are going to let you hear every part of the recording.  Highly sensitive these are a great way to carry your music with you easily powered with portable devices and extremely portable.  One of the best values in the store come have a listen to them and hear for yourself today.



Great sounding affordable in ears the E10 from SoundMagic is well worth checking out.


Driver: Dynamics10mm Neodymium Driver
Frequency range: 15Hz~22KHz
Impedance: 16±10% Ohms
Sensitivity: 100±2 dB at 1KHz/mW
Cable length: 1.2 m
Connection: Stereo 3.5mm, I style Gold-planted plug
Weight: 11 g

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Skullcandy Fix In Ear Monitor

The Skullcandy Fix IEM is a unique and affordable headphone that serves multiple needs.  It is, for lack of a better term, a crossover headphone, bridging the gap between uncomfortable but stable fitting athletic IEM’s and everyday comfortable musical IEM’s.

From Skullcandy’s wesbsite, which describes them better than we can:

It’s no secret: rigorous activity makes ear buds fall out. Here at Skullcandy, we have simply fixed that problem. Drawing inspiration from the shape of the ear, the Fix have been industrially designed to stay put. How do we always manage to pair a perfect fit with Supreme Sound? Now that, is a secret.

And, as mentioned above, the Fix features Skullcandy’s updated Supreme Sound signature….

Skullcandy Fix In Ear Monitor in Red

The Skullcandy Fix – In Ear Monitor – Featured Here in Red


Technical Specs

  • 24 ohms
  • less than 0.1% (1mW/500Hz)
  • TPE
The Fix In Ear comes standard with a Mic3 feature for Apple and some Droid products.
The Fix also comes in a wide variety of sensational colors:

Fix IEM White & Chrome

White & Chrome

Fix In Ear Orange


Fix In Ear - Chrome

Black & Chrome

Fix In Ear - Red


Check out the Skullcandy Fix In Ear Headphone at PeachBudz, the headphone store where you can try it before you buy it.

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Skullcandy 50/50 In Ear Headphones

The Skullcandy 50/50 line of in ear headphones is the heart of their new value proposition that has been enhanced with the introduction of their “Supreme Sound”.

Featuring Skullcandy’s famous lifetime warranty, solid sound, a wide variety of colors, and a terrific price point, the 50/50′s represent sensational value for anyone looking for a good in ear headphone at a great price…

Skullcandy 50/50 Featured in Orange

The Skullcandy 50/50 Featured in Athletic Orange

Featuring an Apple compatible Mic 3, an array of fashion colors,  Attacking Bass, Natural Vocals, and Precision Highs deliver your audio at its purest – no matter the genre. True to its hybrid nature, the 50/50 is both connectivity and Supreme Sound for the masses.

The Skullcandy 50/50 Comes in Six Great Fashion Colors

50-50 In Rasta


White & Chrome

Athletic Purple


Black & Chrome

Carbon Grey and Black

The 50/50 also comes with a handy carry case.  Check out the Skullcandy 50/50 at PeachBudz today, the headphone store where you can listen before you buy!!

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Soul by Ludacris SL49

The Soul by Ludacris SL49 is an outstanding in ear monitor developed for R&B and Hip Hop.

Featuring tremendous and extended bass response, it will be a favorite of anyone wishing to have great bass that is portable.

Soul by Ludacris SL49 In Ear Monitor

The Soul by Ludacris SL49 In Ear Headphone



Advanced Driver And Circuitry Design

Superb Bass, Clear Mids and Highs, Creates High-Precision Audio Balance

IPhone® Ready

Compatible with iPhone®, iPad® and iPod®


In-Ear Design Seals Music In and Noise Out

Ideal Fit

Includes Small, Medium, and Large Ear Tips

Easy Cable Management

Includes Tangle-Free Audio Cable with Apple® In-Line Controller and Cord Manager for Hassle Free Customized Fit

Design By Award Winning Team

Commands Quality and Innovative Style

Gold-Plated Connector

For Seamless Signal Transfer

Protective Road Case

For Convenience and Storage



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Skullcandy Chops Sport IEM

As many of our regular customers are aware, we carry a full array of Skullcandy products.

One of our most popular models is their Signature athletic in ear headphone, the Chops In Ear.

Skullcandy Chops In Ear

The Skullcandy Chops In Ear Monitor for Sports, featured here in Red

These affordable sport in ear monitors feature..

  • Adjustable ear hanger fits any size ear
  • In-line mic lets seal some deals on the phone
  • Soft Touch material wears comfortably for days on end

They are also available in 4 great colors:

Skullcandy Chops In Ear - Blue

Skullcandy Chops In Ear Sport – Blue

Skullcandy Chops In Ear Sport - Black

Skullcandy Chops In Ear Sport – Black

Skullcandy Chops IEM - Red

Skullcandy Chops In Ear Sport – Red

Chops In Ear in Purple

Skullcandy Chops In Ear Sport – Purple


The new Skullcandy Chops IEM’s feature the new “Supreme Sound” tuning from Skullcandy; you can now hear great sounds while working out with an affordable in ear monitor from Skullcandy!!

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Paradigm Shift E3M In Ear Monitor

PeachBudz is proud to add the Paradigm Shift line of In Ear Monitors to our mix.

Right now, we have the E3M at the store and ready to demo.  It is an incredibly musical in ear monitor that will appeal to a broad spectrum of listening tastes, and it is a very comfortable in ear headphone…

Paradigm EM3 IEM

The Paradigm EM3 In Ear Monitor – Musicality from the famed speaker maker

With a frequency response range of 8HZ to 19KHZ, the Paradigm Shift focuses on the musical part of the spectrum.

Check these great new in ear monitors out at PeachBudz Today!!

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Westone 3 In Ear Monitor

The Westone 3 is one of the finest in ear monitors available on the market for under $500.

It features three drivers for an incredibly balanced sound signature.  It is also a fine in ear monitor for musicians.

Westone 3 IEM

The three-driver Westone 3 In Ear Monitor

Designed for the serious audiophile, the Westone 3 uses separate bass, mid-range and high frequency drivers in conjunction with an advanced 3-way crossover for a truly engaging listening experience. True-Fit design technology keeps things comfortable and off ers superior noise isolation. The Westone 3 will bring you closer to your music than ever before.

Equipped with a 3.5-mm stereo plug, the Westone 3 is compatible with virtually any personal listening device.

Includes: Premium comfort tips, travel case and cleaning tool
1-Year warranty


Sensitivity: 107 dB SPL @1mW
Frequency Response: 20 Hz -18 kHz
Impedance: 30 ohms @ 1kHz
Driver: Three balanced armature drivers with a three-way crossover
Cable: Westone EPIC cable
Features: Crush resistant travel case, assorted eartips, 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter, inline volume attenuator and wax loop for cleaning, 1-year warranty.

You can now buy the Westone 3 at our online e-tail store – PeachBudz Online

Buy the Grado 125i Now - Click Here


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AKG K350

The AKG K350 is an incredibly light pair of earphones, with detailed sound.  The K350 is a good earphone for all around listening and sounds very good with different types of music.


This is a very easy to drive headphone at 16 ohm impedance and will work great with portable players.  Although being small the K350 is still stylish coming in a white, chrome, or arctic blue version.  Also included are 3 different sized ear tips and a carrying case to ensure their comfort and long term durability.


AKG K350 in Black

The Transparent AKG K350 In Ear Monitor


Product Specifications:
Frequency Response 12Hz – 23.5kHz
Maximum Input Power 20 mW
Input Impedance 16 ohms
Sensitivity 121 dB SPL/V

General Features/Specifications

Cable 1.00 m
Weight 3 g
Colour Chrome


More colors of this terrific and affordable in ear monitor…

AKG K350 White

AKG K350 in White

AKG K350 Mauve

AKG K350 in Mauve

AKG K350 in Blue


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Trax Custom Fit Sport Earphone

Introduced by H2O Audio this year, the Trax Custom Fit Sport In Ear Monitor has quickly become a favorite of PeachBudz Customers.

Featuring H2O’s characteristic high value sound signature, these are some of the most flexible and adaptable in ear headphones for working out on the market.

H2O Trax Sport Headphones

H2O Audio’s Trax Custom Fit Sport In Ear Headphone at PeachBudz

In addition to great sound, the Trax also allows the user to adjust and adapt the headphones in multiple configurations to get the best fit, particularly for aggressive workouts…

Wearing Trax Sport Earphones

Adjust the form molding wire to fit your ear in a way in which you are most comfortable or to insure they stay in your ears for aggressive exercise

Enhancing the Trax Headphones customization is the inclusion of 5 eartips to fit all sizes and shapes of ears….

eartips for the Trax

Five different sized eartips are included with the Trax sport headphones

100% Waterproof // Sweatproof Durability
Waterproof up to a depth of 3 feet for 30 minutes, these headphones made to survive sweat, humidity and rain. Easy to clean, rinse them off for a fresh pair of earbuds before every workout.

Packaging Includes:
Trax Headphones W/ Clip
5 Earplugs – 3 Soft Round S-L // M/L Soft Memory Foam // 1 Small Tree Tip
Nylon Carrying Case

Check out the Trax Customizable in ear sport headphones at PeachBudz today, where you can listen before you buy.

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Etymotic HF3

Etymotic’s top of the line talk through headset the HF3 has industry leading noise isolation and fantastic sound.  The HF3 achieves 85%+ response accuracy from 20 Hz – 15 kHz using High-performance, balanced-armature, ACCU•Drivers.  Etymotic does extensive testing and tuning by measuring sound accuracy at the eardrum, a unique process to ensure the highest standards are met.  Add to that an inline microphone and a 3 button apple remote and you have a headset well worth a look.  Come check them out at PeachBudz.

Etymotic HF3

















Made For:
  • iPod touch (2nd, 3rd and 4th generation)
  • iPod classic
  • iPod nano (4th, 5th and 6th generation)
  • iPod shuffle (3rd and 4th generation)
  • iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4
  • iPad
The remote and mic are supported only by iPod nano (4th, 5th and 6th generation), iPod classic (120GB, 160GB only), iPod touch (2nd, 3rd and 4th generation), iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPad. The remote is supported by iPod shuffle (3rd and 4th generation). Audio is supported by all iPod models. Requires latest iPod software.
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 15 kHz
  • Accuracy Score: 85%
  • Transducers :High-performance balanced armature
  • Noise Isolation: 35-42 dB
  • Impedance (@1 kHz):16 Ohms
  • Sensitivity (@1 kHz) SPL at 0.1V: 105 dB
  • Maximum Output (SPL): 120 dB
  • Cable: 4 ft with 3.5 mm plug
  • User Replaceable ACCU•Filters™
  • Warranty: 2 years
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MEElectronics M6

The M6 from MEElectronics is an around the ear earphone, great for active lifestyles.  The around the ear style along with stainless steel memory wire keeps the earphones in place during activities such as running, cycling, and in the gym.  The low profiles design also makes the M6 great for wearing under a helmet or to where while laying down.  Several tips are provided to ensure you get proper fit for great quality sound and isolation.  The M6 is a great option for people looking for an affordable in ear headphone for working out or to use under a helmet with accurate sound.

MEElectronics M6CL


















  • Acoustically advanced MEElectronics M6 series earphones deliver clear, accurate sound from any portable music or DVD player
  • Over-the-ear design leaves the wires behind your body, best for your sports activities
  • Lightweight, in-ear design blocks out ambient noise better than many bulky battery-powered noise-canceling earphones
  • Enjoy full dynamic range of your favorite music and movies without cranking up the volume to unnatural, or even unsafe listening levels
  • 9mm drivers with neodymium magnets
Package Contents
  • Earphones
  • Clamshell carrying case
  • 6 sets of ear tips

This great headphone is available at PeachBudz, Valley West Mall today!!

Also, now available online from PeadhBudz Online, our e-tail store…

Click Here to buy the MEelectronic M6 Online today!!





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Etymotic HF5

Etymotic earphones have the highest documented noise isolation of any on the market.  The HF5 feature the trademark Accu-Driver technology, giving them an 85%+ accuracy rating.  Etymotic tests their earbuds sound against those heard in live music at the eardrum to ensure exceptional accuracy. Incredibly sensitive with an impedance of just 16 Ohms the HF5 can be driven by any portable device.  If you enjoy live music and want to get as close to that sound as possible with your earphones than the HF5 is well worth a listen.   Come check them out at PeachBudz.

Etymotic HF5






















  • Kevlar-reinforced cable for durability
  • ACCU-Filter user-replaceable filters protect the moving coil drivers from ear wax
  • Documented highest noise isolation of any earphones or headphones on the market
  • 3-band equalized audio performance


  • Frequency response: 20 Hz -16 kHz
  • Noise isolation: 35- 42 dB (depending on eartip used)
  • Acoustic polarity: + electrical = + acoustic
  • Transducer type: Balanced armature
  • Sensitivity (1 kHz): 105 dB SPL for a 0.1 VRMS input
  • Impedance: 16 Ohms (nominal)
  • Maximum output: 120 dB SPL
  • Cable: 4 ft
  • Weight: less than 1 oz

This great headphone is available at PeachBudz, Valley West Mall today!!

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Etymotic MC2

The Etymotic MC2 is an in ear monitor that provides accurate sound while providing industry leading isolation of 35-42 dB.  They also work as a speak through device for phones and tablets from Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, HP, and Apple.  The MC2 is an incredible value at under $100.

Etymotic MC2 Earphones


















  • Kevlar-reinforced cable for durability
  • ACCU-Filter user-replaceable filters protect the moving coil drivers from ear wax
  • Documented highest noise isolation of any earphones or headphones on the market
  • 3-band equalized audio performance
  • Works with smart phones and tablets including Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and HP.


  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 15 kHz
  • Transducers: High-output 8-mm neodymium moving coil driver
  • Noise Isolation: 35-42 dB
  • Impedance (@1 kHz): 16 Ohms
  • Sensitivity (@1 kHz) SPL at 0.1V: 100 dB
  • Maximum Output (SPL): 120 dB
  • Cable: 4 ft with 3.5 mm plug
  • User Replaceable ACCU•Filters™


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AKG K350 in Arctic Mauve

For those with a variety of music and fashion tastes, the AKG K350 is an exceptional in ear monitor that is lightweight and comfortable.

Featuring AKG’s world renowned neutral sound signature, the K350 is an embodiment of many of the things that are right about their product offerings.  So, if you like a little bit of jazz in between your hip hop and a dash of classical with your rock, the K350 is an excellent choice…

AKG K350 in Arctic Mauve

The AKG K350 In Ear Monitor in Arctic Mauve




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AblePlanet Clear Harmony In-Ear

The AblePlanet Clear Harmony in-ear headphones are the perfect in-ear headphones for any music aficionado.

With award winning Linx Audio sound quality, they have renowned clarity and broad range. With their comfortable tips they block out ambient noise and allow for long-wear. Come try your pair today!


AblePlanet Clear Harmony In-Ear

AblePlanet Clear Harmony In-Ear


Also with a 3 button in-line mic!

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Grado iGi In Ear Monitor

The Grado iGi is a comfortable in-ear headphone that holds true to the Grado sound and quality.

The light-weight design and secure seal ensures a comfortable fit and rich bass. With an extremely crisp and clear sound, these in-ears are sure to please!


Grado iGi

Grado iGi



Connector Type
Standard mini plug (gold over brass)
Frequency Range
20 -20,000 Hz
24 ohms
Maximum Input Power
Cable Length
51″/130mm (oxygen-free coppe
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