MEElectronics A151

The A151 isn’t all about stylish looks, it also brings detail and accuracy balanced armatures are known for! Speaking of sound, the detailed and accurate presentation still has deep bass you know you want to hear! Classy comes to mind when looking at the black housing with chrome accents while using an equally exquisite soft and flexible twisted cable. Designed to be worn over the ear with an angled fit, the A151 gives you hours of comfort making it easy to forget these are in your ears, well, except for the great sound you are hearing!


MEE A151

MEE A151


The Armature Series in-ear headphones produce clean, accurate sound that make it easy to hear the fine nuances in your music.




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Skullcandy Fix In Ear Monitor

The Skullcandy Fix IEM is a unique and affordable headphone that serves multiple needs.  It is, for lack of a better term, a crossover headphone, bridging the gap between uncomfortable but stable fitting athletic IEM’s and everyday comfortable musical IEM’s.

From Skullcandy’s wesbsite, which describes them better than we can:

It’s no secret: rigorous activity makes ear buds fall out. Here at Skullcandy, we have simply fixed that problem. Drawing inspiration from the shape of the ear, the Fix have been industrially designed to stay put. How do we always manage to pair a perfect fit with Supreme Sound? Now that, is a secret.

And, as mentioned above, the Fix features Skullcandy’s updated Supreme Sound signature….

Skullcandy Fix In Ear Monitor in Red

The Skullcandy Fix – In Ear Monitor – Featured Here in Red


Technical Specs

  • 24 ohms
  • less than 0.1% (1mW/500Hz)
  • TPE
The Fix In Ear comes standard with a Mic3 feature for Apple and some Droid products.
The Fix also comes in a wide variety of sensational colors:

Fix IEM White & Chrome

White & Chrome

Fix In Ear Orange


Fix In Ear - Chrome

Black & Chrome

Fix In Ear - Red


Check out the Skullcandy Fix In Ear Headphone at PeachBudz, the headphone store where you can try it before you buy it.

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Skullcandy 50/50 In Ear Headphones

The Skullcandy 50/50 line of in ear headphones is the heart of their new value proposition that has been enhanced with the introduction of their “Supreme Sound”.

Featuring Skullcandy’s famous lifetime warranty, solid sound, a wide variety of colors, and a terrific price point, the 50/50′s represent sensational value for anyone looking for a good in ear headphone at a great price…

Skullcandy 50/50 Featured in Orange

The Skullcandy 50/50 Featured in Athletic Orange

Featuring an Apple compatible Mic 3, an array of fashion colors,  Attacking Bass, Natural Vocals, and Precision Highs deliver your audio at its purest – no matter the genre. True to its hybrid nature, the 50/50 is both connectivity and Supreme Sound for the masses.

The Skullcandy 50/50 Comes in Six Great Fashion Colors

50-50 In Rasta


White & Chrome

Athletic Purple


Black & Chrome

Carbon Grey and Black

The 50/50 also comes with a handy carry case.  Check out the Skullcandy 50/50 at PeachBudz today, the headphone store where you can listen before you buy!!

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Etymotic HF2 For Android and Blackberry

It is really hard to find good in ear monitors with a mic and volume control feature for Blackberry, Android and Windows phones.  Etymotic, one of the leading makers of high end, audiophile in ear headphones has come to the rescue with this ultra clear and resolving in ear monitor from their acclaimed HF series – the HF2

Etymotic HF2 Earphone

The Etymotic HF2 In Ear Monitor for Blackberry, Android and Windows phones.


As with all Etymotic in ear headphones, the HF2 is also available in a custom fit configuration.


  • 85%+ response accuracy from
    20 Hz – 15 kHz
  • Achieves highest output sensitivity in its class with 105 dB SPL sensitivity at 1 kHz at 0.1 mV
  • Accu•Driver™ high performance, precision matched, balanced armature drivers

Audition and check out the HF2 at PeachBudz today!!


You can now buy the Etymotic hf2 from PeachBudz Online

Buy the Grado 125i Now - Click Here

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Paradigm Shift E3M In Ear Monitor

PeachBudz is proud to add the Paradigm Shift line of In Ear Monitors to our mix.

Right now, we have the E3M at the store and ready to demo.  It is an incredibly musical in ear monitor that will appeal to a broad spectrum of listening tastes, and it is a very comfortable in ear headphone…

Paradigm EM3 IEM

The Paradigm EM3 In Ear Monitor – Musicality from the famed speaker maker

With a frequency response range of 8HZ to 19KHZ, the Paradigm Shift focuses on the musical part of the spectrum.

Check these great new in ear monitors out at PeachBudz Today!!

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AKG K350

The AKG K350 is an incredibly light pair of earphones, with detailed sound.  The K350 is a good earphone for all around listening and sounds very good with different types of music.


This is a very easy to drive headphone at 16 ohm impedance and will work great with portable players.  Although being small the K350 is still stylish coming in a white, chrome, or arctic blue version.  Also included are 3 different sized ear tips and a carrying case to ensure their comfort and long term durability.


AKG K350 in Black

The Transparent AKG K350 In Ear Monitor


Product Specifications:
Frequency Response 12Hz – 23.5kHz
Maximum Input Power 20 mW
Input Impedance 16 ohms
Sensitivity 121 dB SPL/V

General Features/Specifications

Cable 1.00 m
Weight 3 g
Colour Chrome


More colors of this terrific and affordable in ear monitor…

AKG K350 White

AKG K350 in White

AKG K350 Mauve

AKG K350 in Mauve

AKG K350 in Blue


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Grado SR125i Audiophile Headphone

The Grado SR125i’s are an open-back headphone that deliver incredible sound quality and warm, rich bass.

With a stable and controlled frequency spectrum, these headphones truly showcase Grado’s world renowned midrange.

With a comfortable fit and durable cable, these headphones are sure to be your new favorite!


Grado SR125i

Grado SR125


This terrific, high value headphone has received raves from reviewers worldwide, including Stereo Review Magazine:

“Still, in its own realm the Grado SR125 is a real winner and an excellent value. I cannot imagine a better sounding headphone at anywhere near its price. I do not, however, accept the premise that the use of UHPLC copper for the voice coil has the slightest bearing on the SR125′s superb sound. My hunch is that Grado simply knows how to design and build a first-rate headphone — good enough that, in comparison with most other high-end phones, its performance might almost be interpreted as magical.” —— Stereo Review


Frequency Response
Normal Impedance
The Grado 125i is now available through PeachBudz Online – our new e-tail store.
Click below to buy now!!!
Buy the Grado 125i Now - Click Here
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Klipsch Image S3 in Perfect Pink

The Klipsch Image S3 delivers unbeatable Kilpsch sound in a stylish and comfortable way. With spectacular highs and lows and excellent bass, these in-ear headphones are a great value. Designed with a tangle resistant cord and a patented oval ear-tip, they are not only comfortable for long-wear and noise isolating, but extremely durable. Come check out your pair today!


Klipsch Image S3 in Perfect Pink

Klipsch Image S3 in Perfect Pink

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Grado GR8

The Grado GR8 is a revolutionary in-ear monitor with unsurpassed sound quality and comfort. With an ultra-dynamic range, these headphones sound crystal-clear while still being very warm.

With that famous Grado sound in a compact in-ear design they are sure to please. Come try them out today.


Grado GR8

Grado Labs GR8 In Ear Monitor


From the Grado Labs Website:

A proprietary wide bandwidth moving armature design provides the listener with unsurpassed performance.

Small size allows earphone to nestle well within the ear canal, maintaining an excellent air seal for improved bass and reduction of outside noise without causing discomfort.


The Grado GR8 is Now Available at our Online Store

Click Here to buy the Grado GR8 Now!!

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Klipsch Image S5i Rugged In-Ear Headphone

The Klipsch Image S5i Rugged In-Ear Headphone offers rich, clear sound in a durable way for an active lifestyle. The oversized, moisture-resistant three-button remote allows for phone calls and controls to be at your fingertips and oval ear-tips allow for extreme comfort for long-wear. Made for a bold and active lifestyle, come check yours out at PeachBudz!


Klipsch Image S5i

Rugged Klipsch Image S5i



    • In-Line Mic with 3 Button Control
    • LED Light
    • Patented Oval Tips
    • Hard-Shelled Carrying Case


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Klipsch Reference S4 In-Ear Headphone

The Klipsch Reference S4 are an upgrade from the original S4 and have everything you love about their floorstanding speakers in a compact and portable design. The clear, full sound that these headphones deliver is unmatched. The oval ear-tip design not only allows for superior noise-isolation and a great seal, but extreme comfort for long-wear. Come try them out and be blown away at Peachbudz!


Klipsch Reference S4

Klipsch Reference S4



  • Superior noise-isolating design
  • Patented oval ear tips for unbeatable comfort
  • Delivers smooth sound with enhanced bass
  • Durable home theater style cables with built-in strain relief
  • Available in a sleek black with signature Reference copper accents

Also available with in-line mic!

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Redemption Song In-Ear Headphones in Midnight

These House of Marley in-ear headphones offer terrific sound quality and styling. In addition, they are made with 100% recyclable materials. Now available at PeachBudz
House of Marley Redemption Song IEM

House of Marley Redemption Song In-Ear in Midnight

Premium Sound

Strong bass delivered from custom engineered acoustic system with high-definition 9mm moving coil drivers in tuned enclosures

Fabric Covered Cord

52″ fabric cord helps reduce tangles and is specially engineered to cut down on static so you get that clear sound.

In-Ear Design

Five sizes of ear tips provide premium comfort and sound isolation.

Also Available with a Mic!

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AJays One

An affordable in ear monitor with loads of features but, most importantly, a broad frequency response unheard of at its price level.

AJays One

The AJays One In Ear Monitor With A Flat Cable Design

In addition to the broad frequency response, the AJays One also……

Features a Tangle Free Flat Cable……No more annoyingly tangled cables. JAYS newly-developed flat cable technology delivers precise, full-bodied sound with minimum tangle. As well as being extremely practical and flexible, this 5mm wide cable is a design classic and will make you stand out from the crowd.

In Addition……

AJays One Packaging

The Innovative AJays One for Jays

a-JAYS One comes with up to 5 pairs of silicone sleeves ranging in size from XXS to L. This choice means all a-JAYS users can achieve a natural, comfortable fit, and maximum external sound insulation. Use the gift box included to store your silicone sleeves when not in use or to protect them when you’re on the go.

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Soul by Ludacris SL99

The Soul by Ludacris SL99 is a Hip-Hop and Rock lovers dream.  With punchy bass, clear mid-range and durable construction, this is a great value earphone to tote with you wherever you go!

Soul by Ludracris SL99

The SL99 In Ear Monitor from Soul by Ludacris

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