AKG K350

The AKG K350 is an incredibly light pair of earphones, with detailed sound.  The K350 is a good earphone for all around listening and sounds very good with different types of music.


This is a very easy to drive headphone at 16 ohm impedance and will work great with portable players.  Although being small the K350 is still stylish coming in a white, chrome, or arctic blue version.  Also included are 3 different sized ear tips and a carrying case to ensure their comfort and long term durability.


AKG K350 in Black

The Transparent AKG K350 In Ear Monitor


Product Specifications:
Frequency Response 12Hz – 23.5kHz
Maximum Input Power 20 mW
Input Impedance 16 ohms
Sensitivity 121 dB SPL/V

General Features/Specifications

Cable 1.00 m
Weight 3 g
Colour Chrome


More colors of this terrific and affordable in ear monitor…

AKG K350 White

AKG K350 in White

AKG K350 Mauve

AKG K350 in Mauve

AKG K350 in Blue


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