Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

The Custom One Pro from Beyerdynamic is a newly designed headphone to fit the needs of people who listen to a variety of music.  Featuring a variable bass reflex system there is a sound slider on each earcup to change the amount of bass for the headphone allowing you to switch the sound signature while listening to different types of music.

Along with the sound you can also change the look of your headphones by changing the style of the cups and side plates or changing the cable to fit your taste.  Exceptionally easy to drive these full size around the ear headphones work great out of portable devices such as phones or mp3 players.  These headphones are durable and have replaceable earpads, headband, and cable to make them last for a long time.  Come check them out at PeachBudz they are well worth a listen.

Custom One Pro

New from Beyerdynamic the Custom One Pro is an easy to drive customizable full size headphone

  • Closed headphone
  • Variable bass reflex system
  • Versatile design with replaceable accessories
  • High efficiency due to 16-Ohm drivers
  • Rugged headband made of spring steel
  • Single-sided, plug-in type connecting cable
  • Soft, replaceable ear and headband pads
  • Gold-plated mini stereo jack plug (3.5 mm) & 1/4″ adapter (6.35 mm)

technical data

Transmission type Wired
Headphone design (operating principle) Closed
Headphone impedance 16 ohms
Headphone frequency response 5 Hz – 35,000 Hz
Nominal sound pressure level 96 dB
Construction Circumaural (around the ear)
Cable & plug Detachable cable – various connectors available
Net weight without packaging 0 g

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