Denon Exercise Freak

For this holiday, PeachBudz has established a relationship with a new vendor with a long history of manufacturing exceptional headphones – Denon of Japan.

Denon recently introduced an entirely new line of headphones.  One of those products is the sensational, wireless Exercise Freak Headphones….

Denon Exercise Freak

The sensational wireless Denon Exercise Freak Headphones

Denon’s Exercise Freak In-Ear headphones feature Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. No more surprise yanking an earpiece out of your ear when the cable gets tangled in your arms as your walk or run, no more taping wires down on your body, no more running wires underneath your shirt, no more worries. With a range of up to 25 feet, you can even set your smartphone down on a treadmill or on the floor when you’re lifting weights at the gym for a fitness experience so liberating that you may forget where your phone is in the gym.

Featuring the Denon Sport App:

Denon’s Sport App, for iPhone, iPad or Android, enhances your experience.
Designed to enhance the listening experience with Denon’s new line of Exercise Freak™ headphones, the Denon Sport app is designed to enhance your total workout performance. Log your workouts; use the phone’s GPS for automatic route mapping, pace tracking, calorie consumption and elevation. Network with your friends through the free MapMyFitness® web site and social networks. View friends live maps and activity compare notes and track progress. Voice prompts give you constant encouragement and support on your progress as you go and the built in Music Player provides the soundtrack for your workouts.

Also available at PeachBudz in Blue…

Denon Exercise Freak in Blue

Exercise Freak in Blue


Driver Size 11.5 mm
Driver Type Dynamic
Impedance 16oHms
Sensitivity 102 dB/mW
Maximum power input 250mW
Frequency Response 5~ 25,000 Hz
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth 3.0

Check out the Denon Exercise Freak at PeachBudz today!!

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