Grado SR325i Headphones

The SR325i is the top of Grados terrific line of Prestige headphones, and a recipient of many awards, including:

Hi Fi Choice - Editors Choice

Absolute Sound

And check out these quoations…

“…speakers of similar sonic ability as the 325i would set you back at least three grand”
— What Hi-fi
“The SR325s are easily the flattest, most accurate sounding phones tested, for critical monitoring, the Grados are hard to beat. Of all the phones tested, the SR325s were the only headphones I felt trustworthy enough for mixing.”
— Pro Audio Review / Vol. 4, No. 6 / Loren Alldrin
“…the engineer I assisted preferred the Grado’s diamond-like ‘clarity and cut’ to the sound of the Sennheiser HD-650s.”
— John Marks / stereophile, vol.28 no 6
Grado SR325i Headphone

The Sensational Grado SR325i Headphone


Tranducer type: dynamic
Operating principle: open air
Frequency Response: 18-24
SPL 1mW: 98
Normal Impedance: 32ohms
Driver matched db: .05
Link to the Inner Fidelity Measurement Charts for the Grado SR325i Headphones…
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