Sennheiser HD 449

The HD449 from Sennheiser is a natural sounding closed back headphone.  Along with a signature Sennheiser sound the HD449 provides passive noise isolation from its closed back circumaural, around the ear, design.  The leatherette earpads and band make for a very comfortable fit.  Included with the headphones is an cable extender and 1/4 inch adaptor.  The headphones themselves have a 4 foot cable making them great for on the go and travel applications.  With the included extender the cable becomes 10 feet and the 1/4 inch adapter will make these a great headphone for home use as well.

Sennheiser HD449


Key Features

  • Extendable cable system
  • Includes a carrying pouch
  • Aggressive noise isolating design
  • Advanced acoustic system provides lifelike detail
Technical Data
Frequency response 16-24,000 Hz
Transducer principle Closed, dynamic
Ear coupling Around-the-ear, leatherette
Impedance 32?s
Max SPL 114 dB
Cable length 4 ft, 5 ft extension included
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.1%
UPC code 615104218093
EAN code 4044155071634
Dimensions (single package) 8.03 x 3.66 x 9.45 in
Weight (single package) 16.7 oz
Dimensions (master carton) 16.73 x 12.01 x 10.35 in
Weight (master carton) 7.8 lbs
Master carton quantity 6
Dimensions (single) 8.03 x 3.66 x 9.45 in
Weight (single) 16.7 oz
Unboxing and overview videos available here
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