Shure SRH 550 DJ Professional Headphone

The Shure SRH 550 DJ is one of the best value over ear, DJ/Professional headphones on the market.  Featuring a remarkable 50mm driver and a flat freuency response, these headphones also make a versatile, compact and portable full size all purpose headphone.

Shure SRH 550 DJ Headphone

The Shure SRH 500 DJ Professional Headphone

Also features……..


  • Full-range frequency response with enhanced bass optimized for both DJ mixing and personal listening
  • Closed-back, supra-aural design rests comfortably and securely on the ears with full isolation
  • Adjustable, collapsible headband with 90-degree swivel ear cups for comfort and flexible wearing positions
  • Ultra-lightweight design folds to very small size for maximum portability
  • Legendary Shure quality to withstand the rigors of everyday use
  • Replaceable ear pads ensure long product life
  • Carrying bag protects headphones when on the go or not in use
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