Skullcandy Cassette

Packed in a low-profile design, the Cassette delivers big performance with less bulk. Built around removable speakers and a collapsible band, this piece is adaptable to any situation – running, skiing, hiking and more.  This is a great piece of gear to listen to music when on the go!!

Skullcandy Cassette Headpone

The Skullcandy Cassette Collapsible Headphone


Provided ear cushions are comfortable for everyday use, but for a mountain ride (or for ‘that guy’ still wearing a beanie in 90 degree weather) these can be swapped for the no-slip-grip silicone ear pads. Take control of both your conversation and your tunes with our in-line Mic1, and while you’re pushin’ down the streets, take note of our Attacking Bass, Natural Vocals, and Precision Highs – a pure audio experience for every genre. Where modular adaptability meets Supreme Sound, you’ll find the Cassette.

Detachable Cable of Skullcandy Cassette

Detachable cable for mobility. Includes a three Button Mic


Skullcandy Cassette Detachable Speakers

Removable speakers to jam with friends. Designed, engineered and manufactured by Skullcandy.

Two removable ear cushions to accommodate either your active lifestyle or indoor listening habits.


Technical Specs

  • 32 ohms
  • 106 dB (1mW/500Hz)
  • less than 0.1% (1mW/500Hz)
  • approx. 120 g


Even with all these great features, the Cassette also comes in four terrific colors:


Skullcandy Cassette in White

Skullcandy Cassette in Lurker Green

Skullcandy Cassette in Athletic Blue

Skullcandy Cassette in Black


Check out the extremely versatile Skullcandy Cassette today at PeachBudz, the headphone store!!


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