Time for a Breather….

We have spent quite some time getting our website up and running at an acceptable level today.

We hope you like the design, and feel free to comment on it.  We will be adding new content for the rest of this month, and you may feel free to comment on it as well.

Most of all, we hope you drop by Valley West Mall to check out our new concept store – PeachBudz!!  Your destination source for all things headphone related.

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  1. Rob says:

    Just found your site while looking for info about AfterShokz “bone” buds. I’ll come by sometime to check you out. You are brave, starting a new store in February 2012. Best wishes. Robarooney

    • Mark says:

      Rob, Thanks

      We actually opened back in November and the community has given us an awesome response.

      I listened to the AfterShokz at CES this year and was not impressed. Nice concept, but they do not sound very good.

      We look forward to seeing you in the store.